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Transmetrics Launches FleetMetrics: A Game-Changing Solution for Trucking Companies


30.04.2024 – Sofia, Bulgaria Transmetrics, a leading provider of AI logistics solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest product, FleetMetrics. Being a leading provider of AI and big data analytics solutions for some of the biggest names in the logistics industry, including DHL, Kuehne+Nagel, DB Schenker, and DPD, Transmetrics now aims to make this advanced technology accessible for the trucking sector.

Designed specifically to solve the challenges associated with trucking operations, FleetMetrics revolutionizes fleet management by seamlessly integrating data across systems (e.g. Telematics, TMS, fuel and toll transactions, etc.), providing organizations with unprecedented operational and cost visibility.

Fleet management can be a tedious task, often involving manual spreadsheets and repetitive data entry. FleetMetrics helps companies deal with long-standing or half-solved problems, by enabling automated, data-driven decision-making and ensuring better and faster results. Тhis approach greatly improves operational efficiency, allowing trucking businesses to optimize their processes and make well-informed decisions with confidence, thanks to the extensive suite of features, including:

  • Comprehensive Integration and Enhanced Visibility: FleetMetrics consolidates Telematics and TMS  data, as well as data from fuel and toll transactions or other systems, providing a unified view of fleet operations. This integration not only enhances efficiency through data-driven management but also delivers detailed insights into all aspects of fleet operations. Combining these helps to put telematics data into perspective and enables building various drill-downs & comparisons across vehicle types, trade lanes, customers, etc.. Such visibility makes it easier for stakeholders to make better-informed decisions, greatly improving both efficiency and profitability.
  • Performance Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of driver and truck performance metrics pinpoints improvement areas, ensuring operational efficiency;
  • Fuel Efficiency: FleetMetrics allows automated inputs from fuel transactions and constant fuel efficiency monitoring, еnsuring process automation and constant fuel efficiency monitoring across operational categories;
  • Profitability Monitoring: With tools to track key profitability metrics, companies can quickly adapt strategies and focus on the most profitable parts of the business to boost revenues and reduce expenses;
  • Planning: Transmetrics builds user-friendly planning screens that allow better fleet control, and faster and more efficient dispatching. In follow-up releases, Transmetrics plans to add many additional functionalities including automated Load to Capacity Matching that further optimizes load distribution and truck utilization by matching cargo loads to available truck

“FleetMetrics is more than just a product – it’s an innovation that will change how trucking companies can manage their fleets. It provides them with the tools to improve their operations, increase their revenue, and boost their profitability like never before.” shares Asparuh Koev, CEO of Transmetrics. “Our pilot customers have already seen significant benefits with FleetMetrics, including generating revenue from their data, automating tasks, improving fleet KPIs, and enhancing profitability.”

FleetMetrics is now available and can bring tangible benefits to companies executing fleet operations. It covers many vehicle types, from 7.5-ton solo trucks to 40-ton tractor-trailer combinations, helping businesses control significant transport-related expenses like fuel, tolls, and operational costs. The implementation process typically takes 1-2 months, from initial setup to full operational integration, depending on the compatibility with the organization’s existing telematics and transportation management systems (TMS).

To learn more about how FleetMetrics can enhance your fleet management, feel free to contact us or visit our product page.