23.06.2020 Transmetrics & IBM Webinar: “How AI Technologies Redefine Logistics”

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2021-06-23 15:00 - 16:00

New technologies provide logistics companies with the ability to process large data sets and use them to optimize operations. AI and Data Analytics empower logistics companies to focus on what really matters - providing an excellent service level to their clients while minimizing costs and decreasing the environmental impact of the logistics.

In this webinar, co-organized by Transmetrics, IBM, and ALSO Group Bulgaria we explore:

  • What kind of Data is recorded in the logistics industry and its challenges;
  • Establishing a solid foundation for useful Data Collection;
  • Technologies that are transforming the way we do business;
  • How AI is changing the logistics industry for the better;
  • IBM’s and Transmetrics’ approach to leveraging logistics data.