01.10.2020 Webinar: “Just-in-Time Shipping: Optimizing Empty Container Logistics in the Digital Era”

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2020-10-01 17:00 - 18:00

With the current advancements in logistics technology and highly accurate demand forecasting, Container Shipping Lines can now adopt the JIT framework while introducing a smart and data-driven approach to the empty container moves and reducing repositioning, storage, and maintenance costs for the container fleets. The webinar will present practical insights about Just-in-Time Shipping from the Transmetrics team - COO, Jon Fath, Head of Business Development, Dimitar Pavlov, and Head of Product Development, Balázs Jerk.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the Just-in-Time framework and the benefits of it;
  • Understand the importance and value of accurate Demand Forecasting for your shipping business;
  • Discover, how your company can leverage the latest logistics technologies such as machine learning to reduce operating costs while maintaining high service levels;
  • Get an actual demonstration of Transmetrics unique empty container management solution - AssetMetrics;
  • Have a chance to ask questions during the live Q&A session;
  • Move one step closer to implementing Just-in-Time Shipping in your business.