Fleet Maintenance
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Reduce asset breakdowns with AI-powered planning for fleet maintenance

Get a complete overview of your fleet’s condition and workshop capacity
to proactively organize maintenance before breakdowns occur.

Transmetrics’ Fleet Maintenance is a complete solution designed specifically for the efficient maintenance of transportation assets.

It includes support for fleets of cars, trailers, trucks and buses. Customization for special vehicles such as locomotives and rail vehicles as well as for aircraft and vessels is also available. Transmetrics provides advanced asset management features for controlling asset status, replacing parts, checking history, and importing counters.

All maintenance planning data is available in one integrated system that uses AI powered anomaly detection to catch failures sooner and prevent failures. It also includes a prediction and optimization engine, that suggests optimized maintenance plans and automatically determines the optimal replacement frequency of asset components.

What you can expect


decrease of breakdowns


reduction in maintenance costs

Increase in ROI

Benefits from integrating our solution to your current system

Reduce maintenance time

Increased asset availability with better planning

Overcome data-quality limitations

Decrease costs of spare parts and supplies

See why equipment managers rely on Transmetrics to plan fleet maintenance

Leverage your data to 100% and establish a single source of truth

Tired of manually connecting the dots and gathering data from different sources? Get a full picture of your maintenance activities even if some of your data is incomplete/incorrect. Our proprietary ML-powered data enrichment tools and dedicated teams will fix it for you.

With Transmetrics, your team can access all assets and see an overview of parts in our connected platform in full detail.

Automate scheduling and book visits to workshops before the breakdown occurs

Planning the workshop visits for your equipment does not have to be difficult. With Transmetrics Maintenance Planning software, your team can evaluate workshop capacity and can easily understand when the next inspection should be carried out, and whether it has been approved or postponed.

The software is powered by the prediction and optimization engine that suggests optimized maintenance plans. If the scheduled inspection of an asset was not done on time, our AI algorithm will calculate and suggest when and where the next inspection can be optimally performed.

Reduce the workload of your planning team by 30%

Most of the maintenance coordination and planning is done manually and involves multiple maintenance logs and checklists. On top of that, staff members keep most of the information in their heads, or recorded in unorganized files.

By leveraging the centralized and data-driven planning software, your team can concentrate on improving operational excellence instead of the repetitive and error-prone tasks. You can grow your operations without hiring new people, and achieve multi-million savings.

Make sure that your fleet complies with the local regulations

No matter where your business operates, you have to comply with the local maintenance legislation and most of the time it is not as straightforward as it could be.

Whether your trailers need to go through the obligatory checks assigned by the Ministry of Transport, corporate-directed audits, or just regular checks, the Transmetrics platform takes into account all the necessary regulations and business constraints to schedule optimal maintenance slots.

Frequently asked questions

My current maintenance planning works fine, why do I need to change anything?

Having a working planning process is important, however, it is just a starting point. If your organization wants to grow, the introduction of data analytics is inevitable. It is always better to stay ahead of the competition by adopting state-of-the-art technologies which can benefit your business and customer experience.

What if my team won’t find the software useful and won’t use it?

Transmetrics offers a solution that is more of an evolution rather than a revolution for your current processes. Our team spent years refining the system so it responds to the daily needs of the planners and managers and offers them a familiar experience that is data-driven and accurate. On top of that, during the onboarding process, our team can facilitate a series of workshops to demonstrate to you and your staff how to leverage the product to 100%.

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