Linehaul Planning
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Improve linehaul planning with AI and Big Data Analytics

Unlock the potential of your shipment data to optimize linehaul capacity and empower data-driven decision-making.

A linehaul planning AI tool developed specifically for complex logistics networks

Transmetrics improves network performance by using an automatic, predictive planning tool specifically designed for parcel, pallet, and groupage companies. Our AI-driven platform forecasts customer demand on a granular level based on hub pairs, weeks in advance. Taking into account all user requirements and business constraints, it suggests the most optimal linehaul capacity plan by using the integrated automated scheduling functionality. Further savings are achieved through timely capacity procurement, dynamic linehaul routing, and optimizing 3rd party leasing agreements.

What you can expect


Average reduction in total transportation cost


Granular forecast accuracy


Increase in linehaul utilization

Suggest the most optimal network plan to align demand and supply

Reduce network and procurement costs while increasing service levels

Measure operational and financial efficiency

Detailed cost & profitability reporting


  • Visibility on the historical performance and health of your network operations
  • Network bottlenecks & inefficacies exposure
  • Visibility on the future costs based on predicted market trends
  • Calculation of hub-to-hub volumes days in advance
  • Local distribution (hub-spoke) forecasting
  • Breakdown of forecast by services
This is the heart of the product. Our technology optimizes your linehaul schedules, capacity utilization, shipment routing and cross-docking operations. All of this is designed to empower your linehaul planning to make optimal decisions on an everyday basis.
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