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Transmetrics leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to empower your operations with highly accurate logistics forecasting. It provides visibility into the future of your business and enables your growth and service ambitions.


Lay the foundations for smarter planning

Taking into consideration all your business constraints and specifics, Transmetrics provides your operations with customized logistics forecasting models. It provides accurate forecasts for the upcoming demand – days and even weeks in advance. These models can help companies better understand exactly how much safety stock they need or the level of extra capacity a company needs to facilitate in order to meet the unexpected demand days and weeks in advance.

Push your logistics forecasting to the next level with external factors

While your historical data is already enough to build an accurate demand forecasting model, Transmetrics provides the most accurate predictions for your business. It incorporates external factors relevant to your business such as weather, holidays, financial market data, and port data among others. Considering these factors, Transmetrics pushes the prediction accuracy up to 95% allowing for the most optimal resource allocation in the given scenario.

Be in control, no matter what happens

Even with the relevant external data, your logistics forecasting can exclude unpredicted factors such as a new big client signing up for your logistics services. That’s why Transmetrics allows manual forecast input and learns from it, providing your planning team with a tool that proactively reacts to the changing business environment.

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Monetize Telematics data, synchronize it with the TMS, automate tedious tasks, improve your fleet KPIs, cut costs, and increase revenue.

Transmetrics Container Management

Empty Container Management

Leverage Transmetrics' predictive empty container management software to achieve efficiency, and reduce container fleet costs.


Linehaul Planning

Unlock the potential of shipment data to optimize capacity planning / purchasing and empower data-driven decision-making.


Fleet Maintenance

Get a complete overview of your fleet's condition and workshop capacity to plan maintenance before breakdowns occur.

Additional Features

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Hub overflow forecasting
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Inventory Forecasting


The Transmetrics platform is continuously evolving, and adapting to rapidly changing industry conditions and standards. It ensures that your business always operates using the most up-to-date models for logistics forecasting.

Technical requirements

Big data and predictive analysis are complex concepts. That’s why our experienced team made the process of integrating and using Transmetrics as easy as possible for our clients.

Historical data

We need at least 6 months of historical data (shipment measurements, tracking information, vehicle movements, etc.

VPN Connection

We automatically extract data on a daily basis to provide you with the most accurate forecasts for your company.

That’s it!

Transmetrics is a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solution, so all hardware and software is provided by us on a monthly subscription basis.