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Leverage advanced logistics optimization to better allocate your capacity, maximize operational and financial efficiency, and empower superior business decisions.

Our solution is an advanced analytics and predictive planning platform that maximizes efficient network operations. By using Logistics Optimization from Transmetrics, organizations can reduce network and procurement costs and increase their service levels.

Measure operational and financial efficiency

Expose network bottlenecks and inefficacies


Expose network bottlenecks & inefficacies

An optimal plan is a plan which satisfies the entire demand throughout the network – at the right time and service level, in line with business constraints, keeping the cost at a minimum. Costs, capacities, agreements with external suppliers, trip stops, leg distances, routing constraints, and more are managed within Transmetrics and constitute an essential input for the planning and logistics optimization process.

Measure operational and financial efficiency

Planning your shipments and asset movements is easier with Transmetrics. The system-generated forecast aids planners to match demand with the optimal capacity or to plan your next maintenance activity, with tools that are optimized to get the job done quickly. Have the system propose a plan and then simply review it and adjust it. In case of highly repetitive trips or asset movements, simply copy the previous schedule and manually adjust for the newly forecasted demand.

Take advantage of advanced logistics optimization

Run an optimization cycle to suggest improvements – drop unnecessary trips and add other trips so that all forecasted volume is carried out at the lowest possible cost. The powerful logistics optimization engine considers predicted demand, available capacity, routing options and constraints, service levels, and more variables to guide the planner in minimizing costs without compromising service levels.

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Monetize Telematics data, synchronize it with the TMS, automate tedious tasks, improve your fleet KPIs, cut costs, and increase revenue.

Transmetrics Container Management

Empty Container Management

Leverage Transmetrics' predictive empty container management software to achieve efficiency, and reduce container fleet costs.


Linehaul Planning

Unlock the potential of shipment data to optimize capacity planning / purchasing and empower data-driven decision-making.


Fleet Maintenance

Get a complete overview of your fleet's condition and workshop capacity to plan maintenance before breakdowns occur.

Technical requirements

Big data and predictive analysis are complex concepts. That’s why our experienced team made the process of integrating and using Transmetrics as easy as possible for our clients.

Historical data

We need at least 6 months of historical data (shipment measurements, tracking information, vehicle movements, etc.

VPN Connection

We automatically extract data on a daily basis to provide you with the most accurate forecasts for your company.

That’s it!

Transmetrics is a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solution, so all hardware and software is provided by us on a monthly subscription basis.