Transmetrics Project

The project builds upon years of Transmetrics expertise in the Transport sector technology implementation by further improving the cargo capacity forecasting Software-as-a-Service, and implementing 3 full-scale commercial trials with customers in three different business segments. The results of this activity will prepare Transmetrics for a full commercialisation phase where it can improve the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of the logistics and transport sector.

Short Description of Project Activities:

  • Adapt and improve Transmetrics’ solution based on the initial small-scale trial feedback;
  • Validate the practical value of Transmetrics’ solution in commercial trials involving logistics industry early adopters / beta testers;
  • Develop best practices, guidelines, and methodologies supporting the deployment of Transmetrics’ solution and encourage widespread adoption of the project results in the logistics industry.

Beneficiary: Transmetrics AD
Total amount: 4 774 058.79 BGN, of which 3 341 841.14 BGN grant funding
Start: 12.09.2023
End: 12.09.2025