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Allocate your last-mile resources optimally to meet demand volatility

Minimize the uncertainty of resource planning for delivery and improve customer service levels with AI-powered forecasting.

An Automated AI-Based
Forecasting Tool

Specifically designed for last-mile resource optimization, Transmetrics’ last-mile module predicts the shipments ready for next-day delivery based on ZIP code grouping for each last-mile hub in the network.

Taking into account the business requirements and constraints, it then forecasts the optimal amount of resources needed for those shipments. For dispatchers, we provide a customized user-friendly web interface to help them with their deliveries.


Reduction of last-mile vans used due to higher utilization

Increase in customer service levels due to the shipments being delivered on time

Reduction in penalties for unmet delivery quality

Industry challenges


Increasing service levels expectations
High volatility / peaks in volume
Shortage of drivers and assets


Optimized load factor reduces error frequency.
Predictive optimization instead of using historical data
Deep insights optimize planning and forecasting.

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