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A state-of-the-art AI platform developed exclusively for logistics

Transmetrics optimizes transport planning by leveraging the power of machine learning and predictive analytics. Transmetrics combines the strengths of humans and artificial intelligence, ensuring the highest operational benefits and reducing the environmental impact of logistics.

We’ve developed a unique approach for analyzing, modeling, and predicting various transport flows with very high accuracy.

Our solutions have brought significant benefits to top-tier logistics companies worldwide We’re creating a new category as the first company to empower planning and business leaders with end-to-end automation of data discovery and feature generation — fueling superior models and driving real business impact.

How it all started

The idea of Transmetrics was drafted in 2012 during a transport conference. At the time, the founders were working as consultants for some of the largest companies in the cargo industry. Something struck them: in most of these companies there was an explicit issue of inefficient capacity utilization, with no one willing to face the challenge. Having a solution in mind, the founders tested a concept version during one of the consultancy projects, and it immediately became clear that this was a success.

Since 2013 Transmetrics has grown from 4 co-founders to a team of more than 35 highly-skilled employees, and the team is working with renowned cargo and logistics companies around the globe.

We have a responsibility and are conscious about it.
We work in four areas to change the industry we are a part of.


Our core mission is to help companies control their spending. Our platform is designed to give you insights, control and financial zen.


We aim to have a significant impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions with the streamlining and optimizing of transportation networks.


We want to reshape and revitalize the logistics industry by making it a nicer place to work.


Committed to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workspace with a strong focus on community.

Some statistics


Employees. 75% is technical.

7.5 million euro

Raised in venture capital & grants

Transmetrics executive management

Asparuh Koev

Asparuh Koev

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Dimitar Pavlov

Dimitar Pavlov

Chief Growth Officer

Alex Petkov

Alex Petkov

Chief Technology Officer

Balázs Jerk

Balázs Jerk

Chief Product Officer

Milen Milev

Milen Milev

Customer Success Officer


Transmetrics in the news

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Project title: № BG-RRP-2.006-0006-C01 Prediction Enhancement Demonstration for Infrastructure Capacity in the Transport Sector

Short project description:

  • Adapt and improve Transmetrics’ solution based on the initial small-scale trial feedback;
  • Validate the practical value of Transmetrics’ solution in commercial trials involving logistics industry early adopters / beta testers;
  • Develop best practices, guidelines, and methodologies supporting the deployment of Transmetrics’ solution and encourage widespread adoption of the project results in the logistics industry.

Beneficiary: Transmetrics AD
Total amount: 4 774 058.79 BGN, of which 3 341 841.14 BGN grant funding
Start: 12.09.2023
End: 12.09.2025