Empty Container Management
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Improve your Empty Container Management with AI and Big Data Analytics

Improve your container management amidst high costs and unprecedented market conditions.

Container Management

A powerful container management software, specifically customized for companies with owned or leased containers

Our AI-driven software forecasts demand per container type and location up to 16 weeks in advance. It also calculates the optimal storage, repositioning, and maintenance strategy for empty containers. This enables proactive, data-driven empty container management on local, regional, or even global levels and provides full business process visibility. This results in the reduction of storage and repositioning costs and resolves container shortage issues while maintaining high service levels.

What you can expect


Better availability vs manual positioning


Savings due to defleeting high-expenditure assets


Savings in back office costs


  • Visibility on the historical performance and health of the operations;
  • Visibility on the future costs based on predicted trends;
  • FIFO (First-In-First-Out) violations tracking;
  • Accrued and projected container storage costs tracking;
  • Longstanding equipment identification;
  • Free time and free pool agreements management;
  • Repositioning costs tracking.
Transmetrics Container Management
  • Forecasting the demand for the full containers which translates to the demand for the empty containers;
  • Comparison to the actuals for the last 42 weeks;
  • Idle stock visualization;
  • Expected shortages identification;
  • Manual forecast – Although the statistical forecast has a high quality, the system allows for manual adjustments in case there is any information that the system does not know about.
  • Proactive planning and container management powered by forecasting;
  • Visibility into the future container shortages at locations;
  • Empty load & discharge planning based on forecasted empty container demand;
  • Forecasts and planning sharing with agents;
  • Container cabotage planning;
  • Service Positioning;
  • Optimization of maintenance locations.
  • Check out the demo of the Transmetrics Container Management product and see it in action;
  • Request the tailored demo below.

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