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Improve profitability of your trucking business with AI & Big Data Analytics

Monetize Telematics data, synchronize it with the TMS, automate tedious tasks, improve your fleet performance KPIs, cut costs, and increase revenue.

An integrated AI-powered business intelligence solution for trucking fleets.

FleetMetrics connects data across your Telematics and TMS to provide your organization with full operational & cost visibility and enable simplified real-time decision-making. It allows your business to increase revenue and decrease costs by precisely monitoring profitability and following truck / driver performance.

What you can expect:


Increase in total revenue per month

less in fuel consumption per 100 km


Back-office automation

Benefits from integrating FleetMetrics into your Trucking Business:

Monetize your Telematics Data

Automate Tedious Tasks

Improve fleet performance KPIs

Predictive Linehaul Planning in Express/Parcel Business

Decrease costs and improve profitability

See why fleet managers rely on FleetMetrics:

Increase revenue with extensive and reliable KPI reports:

  • Mileage developments monitoring; 
  • Empty vs. full mileage;
  • Paid vs. unpaid KMs;
  • Loading / unloading waiting time monitoring;
  • Weight per order;
  • Real price per KM estimation;
  • Trip profitability calculation and monitoring for views per customer, commodity, trade lane, etc.

Monitor driver performance KPIs to identify points of improvement:

  • Mileage;
  • Effective driving time;
  • Fuel efficiency;
  • Number of orders;
  • Rests;
  • Idle time;
  • On-time delivery, etc.

Proactively relocate your fleet to locations with more profitable orders:

  • Leverage historical data on the best-performing routes;
  • Distribute orders between own fleet and subcontractors;
  • Optimally allocate orders to trucks and efficiently match loads to capacity;
  • Achieve a constant flow of profitable orders, high utilization, and growth.

Frequently asked questions

My telematics provider has analytics dashboards. How is FleetMetrics different?

By connecting Telematics with TMS data, we provide a much more robust overview of key fleet/driver KPIs. The combination of both sources allows to put these into context, comparing efficiency across drivers, dispatchers, tradelanes, clients, etc. Combined with AI, this data can be also leveraged to plan future activities with full visibility across costs and performance.

I am afraid that my team relies on old-school practices and may oppose such software adoption.

FleetMetrics is a solution that is more of an evolution rather than a revolution for your current processes. Our team has an extensive expertise of working with logistics data on an enterprise level and we build solutions that closely resemble existing processes, but this time more data-driven and accurate. On top of that, during the onboarding process, our team can facilitate a series of workshops to demonstrate to you and your staff how to leverage the product to 100%.

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