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The all-in-one solution for logistics and asset management

A smart platform that delivers integrated multi-variate demand, supply, and positioning forecasts. Our fully customizable system uses goal-oriented modules to optimize crucial aspects of your business. Empower your planning operations, reduce the tedious and mundane data processes, and provide your team with the time to work on what matters most – delivering service excellence.

Platform and infrastructure

Single code base

Built in-house from day 1, deployed globally

Hyper secure

State-of-the-art encryption and security, ISO 27001 certified


Powered by IBM’s high performance machine learning algorithm, IBM Watson.


Continuous innovation, capable of coping with rapidly changing industry standards.

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Data Cleansing and AI

We have developed a unique method to improve data quality via the back end, using data that is extracted from the systems of our clients. This is an AI-driven data quality framework, which gives reliable results at a relatively low cost with a one-time set-up effort. Since this is an algorithm, it is an automated process that is continuously improved on a daily basis. Transmetrics cleanses the data on-the-fly, without in any way affecting the existing processes while running in parallel to the established operations.

We currently offer integration with all major TMS, ERP, or Asset Management software.

Platform / Analytics

Business planning and

We incorporate forecasting into your custom optimization model, which generates a daily rolling forecast of upcoming shipment volumes on the most granular level per origin destination. The forecasting window can vary from 1 day to several weeks, depending on your planning process, resources, and needs. The forecast is based on the cleansed historical data as well as on a set of external factors (e.g. public holidays, seasonality, weather, etc.).

Platform / Forecasting


Our smart algorithms calculate the most optimal planning to use your logistic resources based on historical data, expected service levels, business requirements, and costs. The platform can handle any type of asset -trucks, vans, containers, and everything in between- while always making sure that operational rules and constraints are respected. As a result, you get an optimized dynamic plan that can be used for day-to-day operations and long-term strategic decision-making. The software suggestions help planning managers to precisely determine whether to decrease or increase capacity, use their own fleet or subcontractors, where to reposition assets, and much more.

Platform / Optimization

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Monetize Telematics data, synchronize it with the TMS, automate tedious tasks, improve your fleet KPIs, cut costs, and increase revenue.

Transmetrics Container Management

Empty Container Management

Leverage Transmetrics' predictive empty container management software to achieve efficiency, and reduce container fleet costs.


Linehaul Planning

Unlock the potential of shipment data to optimize capacity planning / purchasing and empower data-driven decision-making.


Fleet Maintenance

Get a complete overview of your fleet's condition and workshop capacity to plan maintenance before breakdowns occur.

Using the latest in AI technologies

Machine learning algorithms

Linear models, Gradient Boosted
Trees, Kernel methods, Neural


Auto-Regressive and
Bayesian models


Mixed-integer programming

Augmented Intelligence:

The best of both worlds

Empower logistics planners instead of replacing them

Frequently asked questions

Is Transmetrics a TMS?

Transmetrics is not a TMS. However, our platform can be integrated with any TMS, ERP or Asset Management system that your company uses. The platform automatically extracts data on a daily basis to provide you with the most accurate predictive analytics of your business and empower your planners to make the most optimal decisions.

Is Transmetrics an off-the-shelf solution or is it custom made for each client?

The Transmetrics platform is a ready-to-use solution. However, during the implementation process, we can customize and combine different modules of the platform, guaranteeing that you use and pay only for the functionality which speaks to your business.

How do you ensure good results if you have to work with bad data quality?

With 8 years of experience in dealing with logistics data, we have developed strong and reliable data cleansing and enrichment algorithms that ensure your data is transformed to the highest possible quality. Then, we use this data to power our forecasting algorithms: the better the quality of the data – the more accurate is the forecast.

How will you connect to our existing systems? How do you ensure the security of our data?
Transmetrics connects with your TMS, ERP or asset management system through state of the art VPN connection and extracts only relevant data from your system(s), which guarantees the high level of your data security and encryption. We never share your data with the 3rd parties.
What kind of external data sources are you using?
We only use the relevant external data sources that correspond to the business specifics of your operations. It can be a combination of many factors from Forex, commodities & futures prices to Port Data, and from Weather to Public Holidays and events.
What sets you apart from general purpose predictive analytics platforms? What is your experience in logistics?
Transmetrics predictive analytics platform was exclusively developed for the Logistics professionals by the Logistics professionals. The Transmetrics team combines the experience of industry insiders with a tech expertise of software developers and data scientists. Hence, we speak the same language the industry does, and understand the business intricacies of logistics operations. And our platform speaks this language as well, since it was designed specifically to empower the daily planning operations in the supply chain.

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