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Optimize complex transport networks with enriched demand forecasting.

Unlock the potential of your shipment data to better allocate
linehaul capacity and empower data-driven decision making.

A linehaul planning AI tool developed specifically for complex logistics networks

Transmetrics improves network performance by using an automatic, predictive planning tool specifically designed for parcel, pallet, and groupage companies. Our AI-driven platform forecasts customer demand on a granular level based on hub pairs, weeks in advance. Taking into account all user requirements and business constraints, it suggests the most optimal linehaul capacity plan by using the integrated automated scheduling functionality. Further savings are achieved through timely capacity procurement, dynamic linehaul routing, and optimizing 3rd party leasing agreements.

What you can expect


Average reduction in total transportation cost


Granular forecast accuracy


Increase in linehaul utilization

Industry challenges


Increasing service levels expectations
High volatility / peaks in volume
Shortage of drivers and assets
Accelerating technological innovation


Optimized load factor reduces error frequency.
Predictive optimization instead of using historical data.
Deep insights optimize planning and forecasting.
Apply off the shelf solution tailored to your needs.

Suggest the most optimal network plan to align demand and supply

Reduce network and procurement costs while increasing service levels

Measure operational and financial efficiency

Detailed cost & profitability reporting


  • Visibility on the historical performance and health of your network operations
  • Network bottlenecks & inefficacies exposure
  • Visibility on the future costs based on predicted market trends
  • Calculation of hub-to-hub volumes days in advance
  • Local distribution (hub-spoke) forecasting
  • Breakdown of forecast by services

This is the heart of the product. Our technology optimizes your linehaul schedules, capacity utilization, shipment routing and cross-docking operations. All of this is designed to empower your linehaul planning to make optimal decisions on an everyday basis.

  • Daily Overflow Screen
  • Storage State (incl. Predictive)
  • Capacity Utilization Reporting
  • Cost & Profitability Reporting
  • … and other features

How it Works

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Frequently asked questions

Is Transmetrics a TMS?

Transmetrics is not a TMS. However, our platform can be integrated with any TMS, ERP or Asset Management system that your company uses. The platform automatically extracts data on a daily basis to provide you with the most accurate predictive analytics of your business and empower your planners to make the most optimal decisions.

What is your commercial model?

Transmetrics is a Software-as-a-Service. That means that it does not require upfront investments from your side to start the implementation and the monthly subscription fee ensures that you receive constant support and future software updates which can generate even more significant benefits for your operations. Our monthly pricing is unique for every project and is based, for example, on the scope, the number of your logistics assets, and the size of your network.

What kind of transport data will you need from us? How much historical data do your algorithms need?
We need at least 6 months of historical data including shipment measurements, tracking information, vehicle movements, asset positioning, and etc.
What sets you apart from general purpose predictive analytics platforms? What is your experience in logistics?
Transmetrics predictive analytics platform was exclusively developed for the Logistics professionals by the Logistics professionals. The Transmetrics team combines the experience of industry insiders with a tech expertise of software developers and data scientists. Hence, we speak the same language the industry does, and understand the business intricacies of logistics operations. And our platform speaks this language as well, since it was designed specifically to empower the daily planning operations in the supply chain.